Prime Enrollment Fees

If you have TRICARE Prime, you must pay enrollment fees, unless you are:

  • An active duty service member
  • An active duty family member
  • A transitional survivor
  • Under age 65 with Medicare Parts A and B
    • In this case, you can have your enrollment fees waived and any payments made refunded.

Surviving Spouse

  • Three years after your sponsor’s death, your coverage changes to the same as retired family members.
  • You must pay a single enrollment fee to remain enrolled in TRICARE Prime.
  • Surviving children’s coverage doesn't change.

TRICARE Prime Enrollment fees increase annually. For current costs, visit the TRICARE Compare Cost Tool.

Annual Increase

TRICARE Prime enrollment fees increase each year on January 1. The basis of the increase is the annual cost of living adjustment for retired military pay. You're exempt from the enrollment fee increases if you meet the two following conditions: 

  • Are a surviving family member of a sponsor who died on active duty or medically-retired service member or their family member and;
  • Had at least one family member enrolled in Prime since your original enrollment

If you meet the criteria above, your enrollment fee will stay the same as long as you keep TRICARE Prime. For current costs, visit the TRICARE Compare Cost Tool.

What happens when I retire from active duty?

You will need to re-enroll and begin paying annual enrollment fees to continue coverage. >>Learn More about Retiring

Avoid Accidental Disenollment

A missed enrollment fee payment may cause your entire family to be disenrolled. Take advantage of your automatic payment options to avoid missing a payment.

Last Updated 12/27/2022