Injured on Active Duty


Qualifying Life Event?

Injured on Active Duty


Only injury or illness that results in medical retirement is a QLE. For more, visit theMedical Retirement QLE page.

We have many programs and benefits available if you were injured on active duty. How you get your care depends on your current military status. 

Active Duty Service Members

  • You have one of TRICARE's Prime plans.
  • Your primary care manager coordinates your care.
  • You may also qualify for programs offered through the Department of Defense, your Service, or the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).
  • We offer special benefits, including respite care, for caregivers of wounded, ill, and injured service members.

National Guard and Reserve Members

  • If you were on active duty for more than 30 days when injured, your benefits are the same as an active duty service member (see above).
  • If you were on active duty for fewer than 30 days when injured, you may qualify for Line of Duty care.

Retired Service Members

If you’re a retired service members and have a service-connected injury or illness, you may qualify for benefits through TRICARE or the VA.

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Last Updated 6/12/2023