TRICARE® Trademark and Branding Program

The TRICARE name, select program option names and logos are registered trademarks of the Department of Defense, Defense Health Agency (DHA) and may not be used or reproduced without its written consent.  

The TRICARE Trademark and Branding Program exists to regulate the usage of the TRICARE marks worldwide. This page is the official online source of information for members of the public seeking information about TRICARE trademarks and contains valuable information regarding the internal and external use of TRICARE-owned trademarks. 

TRICARE Brand Style Guide

The TRICARE Brand Style Guide aids individuals in the proper designing of products bearing the TRICARE marks. Part of protecting these marks is ensuring they are used correctly and in good taste. Use of the TRICARE marks must adhere to guidelines outlines in the "TRICARE Brand Style Guide."


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TRICARE Brand Identity

The TRICARE marks are registered trademarks. Alteration of the approved marks in any way is prohibited. Permission to use them for commercial enterprises and for advertising purposes (free or paid) is required.

The following marks have been approved for official use.


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Last Updated 11/3/2023