When Activated

When you're activatedCalled or ordered to active duty service for more than 30 days in a row., you become eligible for the same health and dental benefits as active duty service members. Enroll in one of these Prime options when you arrive at your final duty station:

If enrolled in the TRICARE Dental Program:

Family Member Coverage

Family members are eligible for TRICARE as active duty family members and may use any of the following options depending on where they live when you're activated.

If enrolled in the TRICARE Dental Program before you were activated, their coverage will continue with reduced premiums. If not enrolled, they may enroll at any time.

If Issued Delayed-Effective-Date Orders

  • If issued delayed-effective-date active duty orders for more than 30 days for a preplanned mission or in support of a contingency operation, you may qualify for early pre-activation benefits
  • If you don't meet these "early eligibility" requirements, your coverage (and your family's coverage) will begin on the first day of your orders.
Are you a Federal employee?

If you're enrolled in the Federal Employee's Health Benefit Program and called to military duty, you may be able to continue coverage or elect to drop the coverage. >>Learn More about Coverage for Civilian Employees Called to Military Duty 

Last Updated 10/3/2018