Other Potential Beneficiaries

Victims of Abuse

Victims of abuse or domestic violence from their active duty sponsor may qualify for the Department of Defense Transitional Compensation Program when the sponsor separates. The program provides monthly compensation payments and use of base facilities such as the exchange or commissary and basic TRICARE benefits for the period of time that they are receiving "transitional compensation" (12 - 36 months).

Family members who qualify:

  • Are covered as "active duty family members" with the same health plan options and costs 
  • Are eligible for the Extended Care Health Option if they have a qualifying condition
  • Can get medical and dental care in military hospitals and clinics if space is available 

When the transitional compensation period ends, victims of abuse can continue to get care at military hospitals and clinics, if space is available, for conditions that are directly related to the abuse, or knowledge of (witnessing, e.g.) abuse, including post traumatic stress disorder.

For more information about the Transitional Compensation Program and how to apply, please contact your installation's Family Advocacy Program, Victim Witness Assistance Program or legal assistance office.

Family of a Court-Martialed Sponsor

Certain family members of active duty service members who were discharged as a result of a court-martial conviction may be eligible for TRICARE benefits. Check with your local ID card office or unit personnel office for details.

Family of Sponsor Missing in Action

Certain family members of active duty service members missing in action may be eligible for TRICARE benefits.  Check with your local ID card office for details.

Last Updated 9/11/2023