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TRICARE Transition Challenges in the West Region
We are aware of the customer service issues our patients are experiencing in the West Region. Learn more about how we are fixing these issues, including waiving our usual authorization process through March 18.

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US Family Health Plan

You may be able to stay enrolled in the US Family Health Plan when you move.

Moving Within Your US Family Health Plan Service Area

If you move within your current US Family Health Plan's service area:

  • Notify your Plan of your new address
  • You can change your primary care manager, if you want
  • Your Plan will send you a new membership card with your new primary care physician's name and phone number

Moving to Another US Family Health Plan Service Area

If you move to another area where the US Family Health Plan is offered:

  • You can transfer your US Family Health Plan enrollment to that area
  • Visit to check your new location

Moving to Where the US Family Health Plan is Not Offered

If you move to an area where the US Family Health Plan is not available:

  • You'll need to disenroll from the US Family Health Plan
  • You'll have new health care options
  • Use the Plan Finder to learn about your new options

Last Updated 6/10/2016

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