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Learn about what TRICARE plan is right
for you and your family.

Sign up for eCorrespondence

You can get email messages delivered to your inbox when you have enrollment cards or letters about changes to your coverage ready to download.

Sign Up for Email Notifications

To sign up for eCorrespondence to get these email notifications:

  • Log in to MilConnect
  • Click on the "My Profile" menu
  • Select "Update and View My Profile"
  • Add your primary and alternate (if available) email addresses
  • Select "Yes" next to each email address
  • Save your information by clicking, "Submit"

Once you're registered, you'll get an email message each time you have a letter or other information available to read online.

Viewing Your eCorrespondence

To view your eCorrespondence:

  • Log in to MilConnect
  • Click on the "Correspondence" tab
  • Select "eCorrespondence" from the drop down menu
Sponsors  Family Members

You can view, print, and save the following for you or your family members:

  • TRICARE enrollment cards (for current and future enrollments)
  • Age 21 and age 23 eligibilty change letters
  • TRICARE Reserve Select or TRICARE Retired Reserve active duty ending letters
  • Turning 65 Medicare letters
  • Under 65 Medicare letters

You can view, print or save any of the following:

  • TRICARE enrollment cards (for current or future enrollments)
  • Age 21 and age 23 eligibilty change letters
  • Turning 65 Medicare letters
  • Under 65 Medicare letters


If the following occurs, refresh your page:

  • You get an email notification that a letter or enrollment card is available, but the letter or enrollment card does not display
  • The error message “Internet Explorer cannot download ecorr.jspx from” displays when you use the link provided in the notification

After refreshing your page, select "eCorrespondence" from the "Correspondence" tab to see if the card or letter now displays.

If you still have problems, send an email to the eCorrespondence Help Team. Include the approximate time that you visited the eCorrespondence page in your email.

Last Updated 8/10/2016

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