Deployment Prescription Program

When you're deployed, you can fill prescriptions and get refills though the Home Delivery option with the Deployment Prescription Program. Express Scripts administers this program.

Eligibile Beneficiaries

You can fill prescriptions through Deployment Prescription program, if you are:

  • A deployed service member
  • Working as deployed contractor or civil service employee AND you're eligible for TRICARE (i.e. retiree, spouse)
    • You must pay applicable copayments
    • We limit your prescriptions to a 90-day supply
    • Spouses will use the sponsor’s Social Security number (SSN)
    • Not available if you have other health insuranceHealth insurance you have in addition to TRICARE, such as Medicare or an employer-sponsored health insurance. TRICARE supplements don’t qualify as "other health insurance."
  • Getting your health care through the Transitional Assistance Management Program
    • You must pay applicable copayments
    • We limit your prescriptions to a 90-day supply
    • You may be able to get a 180-day supply if your orders get extended

Getting Started: Before You Deploy

Step 1: Set up Your Account

Contact Express Scripts to create your account:

  • Go to 
  • Log in or select “Create an Account” to register
    • Your ID number is your complete SSN
  • Provide an email address that you can access when you deploy
  • Use your current address (where you are now)
  • You’ll use the website to update your address and order refills when you deploy
  • After you deploy, you’ll get reminder emails from Express Scripts.  

Step 2: Register for the Deployment Prescription Program

  • At your pre-deployment site, complete a Deployment Prescription Program Registration Form. On the form, include your full name and SSN.
  • Your pre-deployment site sends the Deployment Prescription Program Registration Form with your prescription to Express Scripts.

Step 3: Get a 180-day supply of Your Prescription

  • You’ll get the 180-day supply from your pre-deployment pharmacy.
  • This is usually the pharmacy at your military hospital or clinic.
  • You’ll start your deployment with this 180-day supply.  

Last Updated 11/30/2021