Getting Care

Where can I get care?

The Military Health System (MHS) is a global, comprehensive, integrated system. Depending on your plan, you’ll get care from a military hospital or clinic, a civilian network of providers, or TRICARE-authorized non-network providers.

For more information, visit the Provider Types page or use the Find a Doctor tool.

Military Hospitals and Clinics

The Defense Health Agency operates military hospitals and clinics around the world. You may be able to seek care at a military hospital or clinic, depending on where you are, what plan you have, and your beneficiary category. >>Learn More

Civilian Network

You can also seek care from a civilian network of TRICARE-authorized providers. This network depends on what region you are in. >>Learn More

To search for a provider in one of our provider directories, visit the Find a Doctor tool to get you to the right directory for you. >>Learn More

Note: You may be able to see a non-network TRICARE-authorized provider, depending on your TRICARE plan. But you may have higher costs and you may to file your own claims. >>Learn More

How do I get care based on my plan?

Resources for Getting Care

Last Updated 3/4/2024