Deployed in Remote Locations

If you're deployed, TDY/TAD or in leave status in a remote Eurasia-Africa location, contact International SOS for urgent or emergency care.

  • Prime-enrolled active duty family members can contact International SOS for emergency care only.
  • International SOS cannot support family members who have other health insuranceHealth insurance you have in addition to TRICARE, such as Medicare or an employer-sponsored health insurance. TRICARE supplements don’t qualify as "other health insurance.".
  • International SOS cannot assist active duty service members (enrolled in other regions) with routine, non-urgent or non-emergency health care.

Checklist for Care

Report to your medical department representative, if possible, before getting any urgent or emergency care. The medical department representative will contact International SOS to arrange for care.

International SOS will assist you in making an appointment for urgent/emergency cases. They will send a guarantee letter of payment to the hospital or provider where you will receive care so you won't have to make a payment up front.

International SOS requires the following information to coordinate your care. After these steps are completed, you may receive care from the provider designated by International SOS.

  1. Your personal information (name, social security number, branch of service and contact number)
  2. Description of the medical condition requiring a referral.
  3. How to contact you after the care is rendered.

Dealing with Potential Problems

If a guarantee letter of payment was issued to the hospital but the hospital is still asking for up front payment, you or the unit medical department representative should contact International SOS immediately (before making any payments).

If you are required to pay for your health care, the claim for reimbursement must be processed through your unit or the overseas claims processor.

For assistance, contact:

  • International SOS or
  • the Remote Site Program Director (DSN 496-6347 or commercial 00-49-6302-676347)

Last Updated 6/24/2021