TRICARE Plus is a primary care program offered at some military hospitals and clinics.

  • Each hospital or clinic leader decides if TRICARE Plus is available.
  • You must enroll to participate.
  • Your enrollment is only for the hospital or clinic where you enrolled.
  • Contact your local military hospital or clinic to see if they offer the program.

Who can enroll?

You may be eligible to enroll in TRICARE Plus if you're:

  • TRICARE-eligible and not enrolled in a TRICARE Prime Plan, the US Family Health Plan, or a civilian or Medicare Health Maintenance Organization
  • A dependent parent or parent-in-law

Enrollment to TRICARE Plus is managed by the military hospital or clinic, not by the regional contractor. Have enrollment questions? Contact your local military hospital or clinic.

How does TRICARE Plus work?

TRICARE Plus gives you access to get primary care at your military hospital or clinic. You pay nothing out-of-pocket. However, there is a subsistence charge for inpatient care obtained in a military hospital or clinic.

Primary Care

Make an appointment with your primary care provider by:

Specialty CareSpecialized medical/surgical diagnosis, treatment, or services a primary care provider isn’t qualified to provide.

TRICARE Plus doesn't guarantee access to specialty care at the military hospital or clinic where you're enrolled.

If you’re a dependent parent or parent-in-law, TRICARE won’t pay for care by civilian providers, even if the military hospital or clinic refers you for care. You’re responsible for the full cost of the care.

Last Updated 8/2/2023