Newborn and Well-Baby Care

TRICARE covers well-child care for your newborn from birth through age 5. This includes:

  • Circumcision before leaving hospital
  • Routine newborn care
  • Comprehensive health promotion and disease prevention exams
  • Vision and hearing screenings
  • Height, weight, and head circumference
  • Immunizations
  • Developmental and behavioral assessment

You'll make your newborn's first well-child appointment before you leave the hospital.

Breast Pumps and Supplies

TRICARE covers breast pumps and breast pump supplies at no cost for new mothers, including mothers who adopt an infant and plan to breastfeed. >>Learn more

Banked Donor Breast Milk

If an infant is critically ill, and when the mother’s breast milk isn’t available, or there isn’t enough, banked donor milk is an option.

TRICARE covers banked donor milk for certain conditions and situations. >>Learn more

What Happens if I Have a Baby as a Dependent Child?

  • TRICARE will cover your pregnancy care before, during, and after childbirth
  • However, TRICARE doesn’t cover your baby unless your sponsor (your Mom or Dad) adopts the child.
Don't let your child lose TRICARE!

Register your child in DEERS, choose a TRICARE plan, and enroll (if required).  >>Learn More

Last Updated 12/29/2014