Types of Mental Health Providers

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There are many types of mental health providers. 

Type of Provider Education Treatment Prescribe Drugs? Details
Psychiatrist Medical degree with advanced training in psychiatry Psychotherapy, counseling and more serious conditions that can be helped with prescription drugs Yes Works with psychologists or licensed clinical social workers
Clinical Psychologist Doctoral-level degree in psychology Psychotherapy, psychological testing and counseling services No Works with psychiatrists and family doctors
Certified Psychiatric Nurse Specialist Master's degree Psychotherapy and other therapy No, but can help manage prescriptions Licensed and certified by the American Nurses Association
Certified Clinical Social Worker Master's degree in social work with training in psychotherapy Psychotherapy and counseling services No
Certified Marriage and Family Therapist Master's degree in counseling with an emphasis on family and marriage therapy Individual, marriage and family counseling No Must agree to participate in TRICARE
TRICARE Certified Mental Health Counselor Master's degree in counseling Counseling services No Referral and physician oversight not required
Supervised Mental Health Counselor or Pastoral Counselor Master's degree in counseling Counseling services No A referral from medical doctor and physician oversight is required

Last Updated 9/11/2023