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Improving Access to Health Care

Greater Access to Care

In 2018, you will have even greater access to care. At military hospitals and clinics, this will include:

  • More appointments available, especially after work or school.
  • More urgent care clinics opening at facilities with high demand and volume.
  • Faster specialty care appointing once you get a referral for care.
  • A streamlined process for getting network referred appointment results. 

In addition, we will partner with designated network urgent care clinics to provide integrated, seamless access to care.

Improved Communication Between Your Military and Civilian Providers

TRICARE brings together military hospitals and clinics with a network of civilian health care providers.  Together, we offer you medical plans, dental programs, and a pharmacy benefit. To enhance your experience, we are also improving integration between military and civilian providers.


Result for You

Process Referrals Electronically

  • Easier and quicker referral process
  • Get your specialty care quicker
  • Less paperwork

Share More Data Across MHS

  • Improving your access to care
  • Improving health care coordination
  • More access to health records
  • Real time access to data on medical management and utilization

Increasing Use of Analytics and
Standardized Metrics

  • Fewer gaps in care
  • Improved clinical quality
  • Improved patient safety
  • Compares military and civilian hospitals and clinics

Enhancement of Telehealth Services

We are also enhancing the use of telehealth services at:

  • Military hospitals
  • Military clinics
  • Civilian health care providers

The use of telehealth services, including mobile health applications is intended to:

  • Improve your access to care.
  • Perform health assessments.
  • Provide you diagnoses, interventions, and supervision.
  • Monitor your individual health outcomes.
  • Improve communication between you and your doctor.
  • Reduce your health care costs.

TRICARE covers telehealth services the same way as in person visits.


Will I be able to keep my doctors and other health care providers?

It depends. If you have:

  • A TRICARE Prime plan and your regional contractor is changing, it will depend on if your doctor and other health care providers are in the new network.
  • Any other plan, you will be able to see your doctors, as long as they are TRICARE authorized. 

The new 2018 TRICARE Network Provider Directories are available now:

  • East Network Providers
  • West Network Providers 
  • Last Updated 10/13/2017

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