Health and Wellness

Your health and wellness are a top priority to TRICARE. TRICARE provides resources to inform you of your health care options and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Use the table below to find out more information on the following topics:



Healthy Living 

List of resources including healthy living partners, weight management, and COVID guidance.

Substance Use Disorders Resources for opioid safety, alcohol awareness, and tobacco cessation
Brain Injury Awareness Resources and information on the causes and symptoms of TBI and the signs for when to seek care.
Mental Health Awareness Information on burnout and resources on taking care of your mental health
Pain Management Resources for getting the right treatment for physical and emotional pain.
Public Health Resources and information to promote a number of public health topics.
Preventive Services Links to TRICARE's clinical preventive services.
Warrior Care Resources and programs for wounded warriors.

Last Updated 12/12/2022