Types of Military Facilities

Military hospitals and clinics are:

  • The core of the Military Health System
  • Found at military installations around the world 
  • Referred to as direct careIt's care you get at military hospitals and clinics. To learn more visit the Military Hospitals and Clinics page. Some individuals may get direct care only when space is available., military treatment facilities, or MTFs

To find a Military Hospital or Clinic:

Defense Health Networks

  • Integrated networks of military hospitals, clinics, and dental facilities.
  • Operates as a coordinated system to improve the delivery and continuity of your health services.

Military hospitals and clinics are organized into one of nine Defense Health Networks. >>Learn More.

Medical Centers
  • Largest type of military facility
  • Offer hospitalization and outpatient services
  • Multiple specialtiesA branch of medicine or surgery that a doctor specializes in. and sub-specialtiesA narrow field of work within a specialty.
  • Serve as trauma centers in the community for military and civilian patients
  • Usually participate in General Medical Education and medical research programs
  • Smaller than medical centers
  • Offer hospitalization and outpatient services; smaller capacity than medical centers
  • Multiple specialties but not sub-specialties
  • Smallest military facility
  • Only offers outpatient services; no hospitalization
  • Limited number of specialties.
  • Some clinics limited to primary care only
  • Some clinics limited to active duty service members only

Information about Quality, Patient Safety, and Access

We are committed to making it easy for you to find information on how our health system is performing. You can see for yourself how well we are doing.

  • Visit MHS Quality Patient Safety and Access Information to learn how we measure our performance.
  • On this site, you'll find data files showing how we score on industry standard measures for patient safety, healthcare outcomes, quality of care, and patient satisfaction and access to care.
MHS Video Connect
If you get your health care at a military hospital or clinic, you can meet with your care team using secure, live video through MHS Video Connect. You and your family can access care where and when is best for you. >>Learn more.

Last Updated 10/3/2023