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Find your TRICARE costs, including copays,
enrollment fees, and payment options.

Point-of-Service Option

With the point-of-service option, you:

The point-of-service option doesn't apply to:

*If you visit a network provider in another region without a referral from your PCM, you're using the point-of-service option.

Point-of-Service Fees

When you use the point-of-service option, you’ll pay:

These fees don’t apply to your annual catastrophic cap.

Outpatient Deductible  Cost Shares 

You must pay this amount before cost sharing begins for outpatient services.

  • Individual: $300
  • Family: $600

Outpatient Services: 50% of TRICARE allowable chargeThe maximum amount TRICARE pays for each procedure or service.  This is tied by law to Medicare's allowable charges.

Hospitalization: 50% of TRICARE allowable charge

Last Updated 8/8/2018