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TRICARE Young Adult

TRICARE Young Adult is a plan that qualified adult children can purchase after eligibility for "regular" TRICARE coverage ends at age 21 (or 23 if enrolled in college, learn more).

If purchased, TRICARE Young Adult is minimum essential coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

Who Can Participate?

You may qualify to purchase TRICARE Young Adult if you're:

How it Works

How you get care depends on which option you select:

What You Pay

TRICARE Young Adult costs are based on three things:

  • The option you select when you enroll: Prime or Standard
  • Your sponsor's military status
  • Where the care is received

To participate, you're required to pay monthly premiums, and then your plan option and sponsor's military status determine what you pay for covered services. >>Learn More

Is TRICARE Young Adult Right for You?

TRICARE Young Adult is an option for unmarried, adult children who have "aged out" of regular TRICARE coverage. The plan provides comprehensive medical and pharmacy benefits. You should review all of your health plan options (military or commercial) before deciding if TRICARE Young Adult is the right plan for you.

How to Enroll—4 Options

  1. Online
  2. Call your regional contractor
  3. Fax your enrollment form to your regional contractor
  4. Mail your enrollment form to your regional contractor

>>Visit the TRICARE Young Adult Enrollment Page for details.

You may live in a different region than your sponsor. If you're not sure, view the regions page to see which states are in each region.

Need a new ID card?

You can enroll in TRICARE Young Adult without a valid ID card. Once your application is processed, and you're notified by your regional contractor, visit any ID card office to get a new ID card. You should show your ID card when you go to the doctor.

Last Updated 6/18/2014

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