Breast Imaging Center

The Breast Imaging Center (BIC) provides same day imaging service to Breast Care Center patients when needed. We use advanced technology and today's latest equipment in patient care.

Women who need to undergo a breast examination may visit the Breast Care Center first, in case a lump is felt in the breast. Doctors there will give the patient a consultation form for evaluation at BIC for additional imaging. If there is a problem, the patient is notified that same day. For routine mammogram screenings, results are usually mailed to the patient within two weeks.

We have the only Breast Imaging Center in the National Capital Area that is co-located with a Breast Care Center. Furthermore, the Breast Care medical team visits outlying clinics like Quantico and Patuxent River Naval Air Station, to update health care providers on breast and mammogram issues. The trips make it easier for the clinics' patients with breast concerns to get seen by breast surgeons and undergo mammograms in the same visit to WRNMMC, increasing both patient satisfaction and convenience.

Last Updated 5/8/2020