Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Inclement Weather Frequently Asked Questions for Patients
In the interest of the safety and welfare of our patients, visitors, and staff, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center's clinics and offices may close due to inclement weather. Read more...

How do I contact the medical center information/ CDO (Command Duty Office) desk for assistance?
For general medical center information call (301) 295-4000. CDO Desk phone number is (301) 295-4611. During non-duty hours the general hospital information telephone is transferred to the CDO desk.

Where is patient parking?
The America Garage is dedicated for patient use. Please note, visitor parking is very limited and public transportation is encouraged. See Base Map.

How can I donate items to the patients?
You can donate items through the American Red Cross, please contact them at (301) 295-1538.

Where can I find NSAB DEERS/ID Card Office to get my Identification Card (ID) or renew a military ID card?
NSAB DEERS/ID Card Office is located in Building 17 on the 1st floor. See Base Map.

Who do I contact if I have a comment, question or concern about my care?
If you have any questions or comments, or concerns, please contact the Patient Relations Office at (301) 295-0156.

My loved one is a patient at WRNMMC. How can I contact them?
If you are trying to reach a loved one at WRNMMC please call: Admissions at (301) 295-2126. The staff will verify the patient is here and help you contact them. Patient information can only be released if the patient or their next of kin have signed a release of information form.

How can I request refills?
  • AudioCARE phone system at 1 (800) 377-1723 or (301) 295-5500
  • Online Pharmacy Refill form
  • TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy
Does WRNMMC carry my medication?
  • Use the WRNMMC Formulary Search Tool.
  • Or call us at (301) 295-2124.
What quantity can I receive?
  • 90-day maximum supply.
  • Ask your doctors for 90-day prescriptions to minimize pharmacy trips.
Can I return used syringes and sharps containers to the pharmacy?
Used needles and sharps containers cannot be accepted at the pharmacy. They must be taken to the Central Distribution Department (CDD) in the basement of bldg. 9, near the Galley. This is also where new sharps containers can be picked up.

Where can I pick up refills?
When you call-in or use our Online form you can request to have your refills sent to one of the sites below. Please note the time required to have refills filled:
72 hours for refills requested for:
  • Bethesda Drive-thru Pharmacy
  • Bethesda Main Pharmacy
  • Andrews
  • Annapolis Pharmacy
  • Bolling
  • Dahlgren Pharmacy
  • Earl Pharmacy
  • Fort Belvoir Community Hospital
  • Indian Head Pharmacy
  • Lakehurst Pharmacy
  • Patuxent R
  • Quantico
  • Washington Navy Yard
What are some of WRNMMC's pharmacy policies?
While state law may allow for less stringent control, the following are WRNMMC's Pharmacy policies. Valid prescriptions will be filled following quantity restrictions and refill limitations. Faxed and telephone-ordered prescriptions will not be accepted. Electronic signatures on paper prescriptions are accepted only for non-controlled substances.

Non-controlled medications (e.g. for high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, etc.) - A prescription for a non-controlled medication may only be filled within 1 year of the date originally written. These prescriptions may be refilled, if authorized by the prescriber, up to 12 months from the date originally written.

Schedule III, IV, and V medications (e.g. for mild to moderate pain, sleep, etc.) 
- - A prescription for a controlled substance classified in DEA Schedule III, IV, or V may be filled within 6 months of the date originally written. These prescriptions may be refilled, if authorized by the prescriber, up to five times within a 6-month period from the date originally written.

Schedule II medications (e.g. for severe pain, ADHD, etc.) - A prescription for a controlled substance classified as a DEA Schedule II shall be filled within 30 days of the date originally written.

If needed, please contact the pharmacy department for further information as above.

Last Updated 6/23/2020