Residents will become proficient clinicians and leaders in their specialty. They will promote optimal dental health through education, research and clinical activities.


  • Educate residents in their specialty area and prepare them for board certification.
  • Promote the delivery of high quality dentistry by federal services dentists through continuing education.
  • Support operational dental readiness and dental health through clinical practice, worldwide consultative services, and educational endeavors.


  • Develop clinically proficient specialists for the Federal services.
  • Prepare, support, and have all residents achieve board certification.
  • Prepare dental officers to successfully manage specialty or advanced general dentistry practices in the military environment.
  • Prepare residents to be academic and clinical mentors to members of the Dental Corps and dental profession.
  • Promote a career-long interest in continued professional development.
  • Conduct health care research projects and contribute to the professional literature.
  • Prepare residents to critically review pertinent scientific literature.
  • Prepare residents for leadership roles.


Last Updated 7/20/2020