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TRICARE Provider Types

TRICARE defines a provider as a person, business, or institution that provides health care. Understanding the different TRICARE provider types will help you decide what type of TRICARE provider you want to be. At a minimum, all TRICARE providers must be authorized/certified under TRICARE Regulation and must have their authorization/certification status verified by the managed care support contractors (MCSCs) in each region. 

There are two types of TRICARE-authorized providers: Network and Non-Network Providers

Network Providers

If you decide to become a network provider, you will sign a contractual agreement with the MCSC in your region. You will:

  • Agree to provide care to TRICARE beneficiaries at a negotiated rate.
  • Accept the beneficiaries' copayment or cost share as payment in full.
  • File claims with TRICARE for the remaining amount.

Non-Network Providers 

If you don't want to sign a contract, you can be a non-network provider, but you must be certified by the MCSC. As a non-network provider you can decide to be a "participating provider" or a "non-participating provider."

Non-network providers can choose to participate on a claim-by-claim basis. You don't have to be participating or non-participating all of the time.

Last Updated 1/4/2017