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TRICARE Prime Remote Determination of Eligibility Request

By law, you can only use TRICARE Prime Remote if both your (the sponsor's) home and work addresses are more than 50 miles (or one hour's drive time) from a military hospital or clinic. If you don't live and work in a designated remote location, you may submit a Determination of Eligiblity Request if you believe that one or more of the exceptions to the eligibility criteria are met:

  • Your unit is in one region, but you live in another region
  • You and your unit are in one region, but closest primary care manager is in another region
  • Geographic barriers or other unique situations exist (e.g. the drive time to the nearest military hospital or clinic exceeds one hour)

You are not eligible to enroll in TPR during an Early Eligibility period. However, your family members may enroll in TPR as long as they meet the plan's eligibility requirements. You can enroll in TPR once you begin your active duty service. To enroll, follow your command's guidance when you reach your final duty station.

Only the service member or the Unit Commander may request a Determination of Eligibility Request.

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Choose the Scenario That Applies

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Last Updated 10/3/2018