TRICARE Young Adult

Use the TRICARE Young Adult Application (DD Form 2947) to purchase TRICARE Young Adult. Select the form for the region where you live. 

Mail or fax the completed application and your initial premium payment (equal to two months) to your regional contractor or US Family Health Plan site, whichever applies. Addresses and fax numbers are found on the form.

You can also purchase TRICARE Young Adult over the phone:

  • East: 1-800-444-5445
  • West: 1-844-866-9378
  • Overseas: TRICARE Young Adult-Prime only
    • Call your regional call center
    • Select Option 4 to speak to the Global TRICARE Service Center
    • To show command-sponsorship, you'll need the sponsor's order number and date on the orders

If you want to select the Prime Option at a US Family Health Plan site, call 1-800-748-7347.

Last Updated 11/29/2019