Patient Portal Outages

  • There may be times when the Secure Patient Portal (TOL or MHS GENESIS) is unavailable due to scheduled maintenance or technical problems. 
  • You can complete actions that you usually complete on the Secure Patient Portal in other ways.

Schedule or Cancel Appointments

Please call the Central Appointments Line at your military hospital or clinic to schedule, change, or cancel appointments for yourself or family members. To find the right phone number to call:

Note: You won’t get appointment reminders via email or text message while the patient portal is down.

Refill and Check the Status of Your Prescriptions

To refill and check the status of your prescriptions at your military pharmacy:

Use the Health Record button to View or Download Your Personal Health Data

While the TOL website is down, you won’t be able to view or download your personal health data using TOL’s Health Record button. If you need specific information, please contact your provider or his staff directly. To find the right phone number to call:

Communicate Securely With Your Provider

You can continue to communicate securely with your provider.  You can request appointments, prescription refills, and lab results using Secure Messaging here: 

Last Updated 7/10/2020