Expanded TRICARE Coverage for Ambulance Services


TRICARE expanded ambulance services to cover both treat-and-release and joint response services this year.

TRICARE now covers:

  • Treat-and-release: This is when an ambulance treats you, but doesn’t take you to the hospital.
  • Joint response: This is when an ambulance crew needs the help of a paramedic or intermediate EMT to give you advanced life support services.           

Ambulances can be network or non-network providers. In an emergency, sometimes a non-network ambulance may treat or transport you. If a non-network provider bills you for treat-and-release or joint response, they can charge up to 115 percent of the TRICARE-allowable charge.

Active duty service members aren’t liable for payment for treat-and-release or joint response services.

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Last Updated 6/23/2020