Copayments Waived for COVID-19 Tests On or After March 18


military nurse testing for covid

Update: There's new information available on how TRICARE covers COVID-19 tests. Visit Coronavirus Testing Coverage to learn more.

Did you know you can ask to have TRICARE copayments waived for certain COVID-19 testing and office visits related to the testing? This applies to tests and visits on or after March 18. 

This may apply to you if you paid any copayments for certain testing and the resulting office visits with a TRICARE network or non-network provider. The test must be one approved, cleared, or authorized by the Food and Drug Administration to detect SARS-CoV-2 or diagnose COVID-19. To apply for a reimbursement, file a claim for reimbursement

For more information related to the coronavirus, visit the FAQ page. You can also learn more about TRICARE and COVID-19.

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At the time of posting, this information is current. Visit or TRICARE COVID Guidance for the most current COVID-19 information.

Last Updated 6/8/2022