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TRO North Staff Training Opportunities

Welcome to the TRICARE Regional Office North (TRON) registration page.

TRON is diligently working to help meet the TRICARE training and educational needs of Military Health System (MHS) staff within the TRICARE North Region. To help facilitate our efforts in meeting MHS regional staff members' training needs, it is important to provide you with informational tools necessary to fully understand TRICARE programs and policies.

Online information and registration is available for many of the courses listed below. Just click on the desired course and follow the prompts. Upon completion of registration, you will receive a confirmation for your reserved slot. Some courses may require you to register by calling the POC instead of using the online format.

If you have additional questions pertaining to an individual course or would like to propose a topic for consideration for future training, please contact the course POC or the TRON Customer Service Branch at (703) 588-1850. Please note that transportation and lodging arrangements are the responsibility of the traveler.

Course Target Audience
TRICARE Fundamentals Course (TDY Required) Newly assigned Beneficiary Counseling and Assistance Coordinators (BCACs), Health Benefit Advisors (HBA), Debt Collection Assistance Officers (DCAOs), and new Contact Representatives.
Online TRICARE Fundamentals Course (No TDY Required) All MHS staff and other personnel involved in providing TRICARE assistance to beneficiaries.
TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS) Course Online (No TDY Required) Reserve Component members including National Guard and Reserve members, BCACs, DCAOs, MHS staff, Family Support staff, Service personnel, and other DoD eligible beneficiaries.

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