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Welcome to TRICARE University                                         (Get Adobe Acrobat here.)

Module 1. Who We Are & Our History (PPT) (PDF)

Module 2. DEERS (PPT) (PDF)

Module 3. TRICARE Options (PPT) (PDF)

Module 4. TRICARE Prime Remote (PPT) (PDF)

Module 5. National Guard and Reserve (PPT) (PDF)

Module 6. Transitional Benefits (PPT) (PDF)

Module 7. TRICARE Reserve Select (PPT) (PDF)

Module 8. Other Activities (PPT) (PDF)

Module 9. TRICARE & Medicare (PPT) (PDF)

Module 10. Pharmacy (PPT) (PDF)

Module 11. Dental (PPT) (PDF)

Module 12. TRICARE Overseas (PPT) (PDF)

Module 13. Claims and Appeals (PPT) (PDF)

Module 14. TRICARE Online Resources (PPT) (PDF)

TFC Public Course Certificate 2009  (PDF) (Word)

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