RADM Cowan commends APS IPT

During his visit to the APS IPT Conference on 25 October 2000, RADM Micheal Cowan, Deputy Executive Director, TRICARE Management Activity (TMA), commended the members for jobs well done. He began his remarks by reminding them of the challenges facing TRICARE in the current state of frustations and created complexities found in our current patient appointment system. He applauded the consistent efforts of the IPT in their attempts to simplify the appointment booking process and improve beneficiary access to care. He indicated that the need for standardization was apparent: standardization of appointment types, standardization of appointment systems and processes, and standardization of automated managemen tools. He urged the team to aggressively look to the future as we explore new ways to simplify the appointing process and improve beneficiary access.

Picture 1
RADM Cowan continued his praises of the IPTas he presented a TMA coin to Major Roger Price, Appointments Officer at Keesler Medical Center (seated, blue shirt)..

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RADM also presented TMA coins to Ms Michelle Troup, Appointments Officer, Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton (standing) and LCDR Keith Lastrapes, Appointments Officer, Naval Hospital Jacksonville (seated behind Ms Troup).

RADM Cowan
After speaking to the APS IPT and presenting several TMA coins, RADM Cowan (back row, third from the right) joined the members for a group photo..

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