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Primary Care Manager by Name


The PCM By Name initiative will ensure that each patient is assigned to an individual provider instead of a larger team of providers. Emphasis will be placed on having most of the care provided by their own individual provider. The objective is to provide continuity of care for an enrollee. Current defined policy is being developed by TMA.

Current PCM Booking Automation Support

The CHCS MCP module provides the best automation support for appointing to a PCM By Name at the Military Treatment Facility (MTF). When booking an enrollee for primary care, the user only enters the patient identification. MCP will search for the appropriate available appointments with the PCM. Currently, MCP will display available appointments only at a place of care where the PCM practices. If the PCM has no available appointments, MCP will then allow the user to search for appointments with any provider in the PCM's group but only at the place of care where the enrollee is assigned for primary care. For operational forces, the enrollee may be booked to any provider in any place of care in any MCP provider group to which the patient's assigned PCM is a member.