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Defense Health Agency

"On October 1, 2013, the Department of Defense established the Defense Health Agency (DHA) to manage the activities of the Military Health System. These activities include those previously managed by TRICARE Management Activity (TMA), which was disestablished on the same date. During the next several months, all TMA websites will change to reflect the new DHA. We appreciate your patience during this transition."

National Provider Identifier

Important Data Dissemination Information for Providers!

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) adopted the National Provider Identifier (NPI) as the standard unique health identifier for health care providers in a Final Rule published on January 23, 2004. This rule became effective May 23, 2005. The compliance date for all covered entities except small health plans was May 23, 2007; the compliance date for small health plans was May 23, 2008. In a Final Rule published September 5, 2012, HHS established additional requirements for organization covered health care providers using an NPI; the compliance date is May 6, 2013. The goal of the NPI is to simplify the administration of the health care system and enable efficient electronic transmission of health information. To complete an application, visit

Once you have obtained an NPI, the Final Rule states that you must share it with your trading partners and others in the industry who need it to complete HIPAA standard electronic transactions. Based on your region, please use one of the following links to submit your NPI to TRICARE:

North Healthnet NPI Submission Page
South Humana NPI Submission Page
West United Healthcare NPI Submission Page

To view, print or download the latest version of the Defense Medical Information System (DMIS) ID table, please visit: DMIS ID Table Home

* For TRICARE HIPAA Privacy and Security pages, please click here.