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Medical Transport

Routine medical TDY/TAD costs for transportation, lodging, per diem, etc. are covered under the Joint Federal Travel Regulations. Each service has implemented medical TDY/TAD processing overseas in a separate manner. For guidance on how each service processes medical TDY/TAD, please contact the service representatives at the numbers listed below:

  • Army: +49-(0) 6221-17-3123
  • Air Force: +49-(0) 6371-47-4693
  • Navy: Unit funded. Defense Attache Navy personnel may contact DAO Quality of Life Branch at (703) 907-0483. You may also contact TRICARE Eurasia Africa for more details.
  • Marine Security Guard: Funded by State Department TDY process
Theater Patient Movement Requirements Center (TPMRC)

The TPMRC is a one-stop shop for integrating patient movement requirements. Their primary mission is to coordinate and communicate patient movement requirements to service components. The service components, in turn, execute the patient movement missions within EUCOM and CENTCOM. The TPMRC provides clinical validation, medical regulating (matching patients to beds), and coordinates patient movement requirements by the most appropriate and efficient means of transportation.

The TPMRC at Ramstein AB, Germany works closely with International SOS on all patient movement requests including exercising the “Right of First Refusal” on all emergent movement requests. TMPRC also assists patients who may require transfer to a military treatment facility.

How TPMRC Works

International SOS will determine if local medical care is available and acceptable. Once it is determined that a service member requires aeromedical evacuation, the attending physician coordinate this request with TPMRC. International SOS coordinates will also need to obtain and coordinate an accepting physician at your destination. For service members sent to Germany, the telephone number for Landstuhl Regional Medical Center Emergency Department is DSN 486-8160/8414 or commercial +49 (0) 6371-86-8160/8414.

The TPMRC is co-located with the 86th Aero medical Evacuation Squadron at Ramstein AB, Germany, and has staff on duty and on-call 24-hours a day. Considering the time-critical nature of many requests for medical transport, we recommend contacting the TPMRC via telephone. Once the TPMRC receives an aero medical evacuation request, an on-call Flight Surgeon will assess the evacuation request and assign one of the following categories of patient movement:

  • Urgent (to save life, limb or eyesight) - evacuate as soon as possible.
  • Priority - evacuate within 24 hours.
  • Routine - within 72 hours or an acceptable period agreed by attending physician and Flight Surgeon; individual may be moved by commercial means.

There are two important things to keep in mind when requesting TPMRC support:

  • The TPMRC does not control or fund travel for medical and dental care. You must coordinate your travel and funding through your Service.
  • Please ensure you and your family members consider your schedules carefully before requesting appointments. It is extremely difficult to change appointment dates and times once they have been made.

For urgent, priority and routine patient movement, contact the TPMRC at:

DSN: 480-8040/2253/2264
FAX: 480-8045/2345
CIV: 0049-6371-47-8040/2253/2264
E-mail: (DO NOT use e-mail for urgent or priority requests) Msg. Address: TPMRC EUROPE RAMSTEIN AB GE

Emergency Medical Evacuation Services

Patients who require an emergency evacuation, should contact International SOS as soon as possible. International SOS will first contact the Theater Patient Movement Requirement Center (TPMRC/EUCOM) or the Joint Theater Patient Movement Requirement Center (JPMRC/CENTCOM) to check for US military aircraft availability. TPMRC/JPMRC will either accept the mission or decline based on aircraft availability. If TPMRC/JPMRC declines the mission, International SOS will be contracted to provide the emergent evacuation service.

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