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Defense Health Agency

"On October 1, 2013, the Department of Defense established the Defense Health Agency (DHA) to manage the activities of the Military Health System. These activities include those previously managed by TRICARE Management Activity (TMA), which was disestablished on the same date. During the next several months, all TMA websites will change to reflect the new DHA. We appreciate your patience during this transition."

MDR Functional Specifications

The tables below list all the available MDR functional specifications. A specification's status is indicated by the letter next to the date: P (preliminary), and F (final). Versions are identified by the date listed below and correlate to the date and version number in the footer of the specification document itself.

To access a particular specification, double-click on the file hyperlink for that specification.

Scope: Current System

Category Status Date
ADDP F 11/11/13
Address File F 08/07/12
Ancillary F 11/27/13
APC Format Files F 03/11/14
Appointment - Master F 06/10/13
Appointment - Monthly F 02/22/07
CAPER Basic F 06/28/13
CAPER Enhanced F 08/08/13
Case Management F 02/15/12
CBER NPPES F 08/01/12
CBER OHI F 09/21/13
CBER SIT F 09/21/12
CDR Appointment Table F 12/19/11
CDR Chemistry F 05/07/12
CDR Historical Procedures F 01/12/12
CDR Immunization Table F 08/27/12
CDR Medications F 01/17/12
CDR Microbiology F 10/24/12
CDR Pathology F 08/20/12
CDR Patient Table F 12/19/11
CDR Radiology F 11/27/13
CDR Vitals F 11/26/13
Completion Factors F 02/05/04
Contingency Tracking System F 05/03/12
CPT Tables F 05/29/13
Customer Satisfaction Survey F 10/03/03
Death, Casualty File F 10/25/12
Death, Encounter Death File F 10/24/12
Death, Master Death File F 06/14/13
DEERS PITE F 08/31/04
DEERS VM4 F 07/19/06
DEERS VM6 F 11/08/12
Dental - DC F 07/28/11
Designated Provider Clinical Data F 12/19/06
Designated Provider Pharmacy F 11/16/04
Designated Provider Providers F 11/11/04
DMHRSi HR F 05/02/12
DMIS ID Index F 04/15/13
Enrollment MEPRS F 09/26/12
HCPR F 02/20/04
HCSR-I F 02/23/05
HCSR-NI F 05/17/11
IIW F 02/14/12
Longitudinal Eligibilty F 04/12/10
Longitudinal Enrollment F 06/30/04
Longitudinal Relationship F 06/29/07
Master Person Index (MPI) F 11/07/12
MCFAS F 02/11/11
MEPRS F 05/30/13
MEPRS Ancillary Procedures F 05/30/13
MEPRS Expense Detail F 05/30/13
MEPRS Personnel Detail F 04/15/11
MEPRS Reference Tables F 04/15/11
MEPRS Workload Detail F 05/30/13
MMSO Dental Claims F 12/18/06
MMSO Dental Providers F 08/10/04
Normative Data F 09/03/10
Omni-CAD & Markets F 12/11/13
PDTS F 02/26/13
PDTS Summary F 03/18/03
PEP F 05/17/12
PLCA F 09/17/12
Referral File F 04/19/13
Reservist Table F 05/22/07
Risk Adjustment F 11/19/13
SADR - FY03 and back F 08/24/10
SADR - FY04 and forward F 11/14/11
SIDR F 08/29/13
SIDR Reference Tables F 10/05/10
Special Operations F 01/08/04
TDP F 11/19/12
TED-I F 06/12/13
TED-NI F 06/07/13
TEDPR F 10/08/10
Worldwide Workload Report F 02/01/12

Scope: Future System

Category Status Date
Ancillary F 03/05/14
CADRE Laboratory Basic F 02/28/14
CADRE Pharmacy Basic F 08/15/12
CADRE Radiology Basic F 02/28/14
CAPER Basic F 01/27/14
CAPER Enhanced F 03/24/14
Case Management F 02/03/14
CBER 837I F 07/14/14
CBER 837P F 07/21/14
CBER Diagnosis History F 07/07/14
CBER Injury Reference Data F 07/21/14
CBER NCPDP F 07/29/14
CBER NPPES F 04/14/14
CBER OHI F 06/20/14
CBER SIT F 03/03/14
CPT Tables F 06/05/14
DEERS VM6 F 01/31/14
Dental - DC F 10/11/12
Dental Readiness F 06/10/13
Designated Provider Clinical Data F 08/06/14
FHIE CAPER F 01/30/14
FHIE Pharmacy F 01/29/14
HIPAA HCP Taxonomy F 04/16/14
MEPRS F 10/07/13
MTF Schedulable Entity F 06/12/14
Normative Data F 08/01/12
PDTS F 06/06/14
PLCA F 08/06/13
Risk Adjustment F 03/12/14
Separatee F 05/06/13
SIDR F 06/17/14
TED Summary P 10/15/08
TED-I F 11/18/13
TED-NI F 11/18/13
TRICARE Retiree Dental Program F 06/26/14