Senior Enlisted Liaison

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Senior Enlisted Liason

The Senior Enlisted Liaison serves as a key staff member in presenting the enlisted perspective on health care issues that affect enlisted personnel and their families.


To establish and sustain open lines of communication with senior enlisted leadership of all Services and components in the European Theater; provide up-to-date information on your ever-changing health benefit; and facilitate resolution if complex or systematic problems arise.


How is TRICARE Eurasia-Africa different from TRICARE in the United States?

There are a few key differences:

  1. Only active duty service members and command-sponsored family members can enroll TRICARE Prime Overseas.
  2. Retired service members and their families can only receive care at military treatment facilities on a space-available basis.
  3. Beneficiaries are less likely to be assigned a civilian primary care provider (unless in a remote location).
  4. While the TRICARE Standard option is available overseas, the Extra option is not.
  5. Patient liaisons are available at MTFs and can provide translation and interpreter services. Beneficiaries can visit a TRICARE Service Center to inquire about this service.
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