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The Military Health System (MHS) is a thriving yet complex military institution – focused on the battlefield today, and preparing for threats of tomorrow…continuously training, acting, and preparing. It is impossible to catalog the numerous activities in which we are engaged, so for this year’s report, we have elected to highlight those activities that best capture our mission responsibilities and the issues in the forefront to our stakeholders – our military and civilian leaders, service members and families, the Congress and the American people.

Quality Medical Care
The key determinants to us on how to best define quality.

Wounded Warrior Care
More than just medical care at the bedside, but the comprehensive levels of coordination, communication, and caring for America’s heroes.

Conducting Diplomacy Through Health
How our military health system is an indispensable global asset that serves our national security interests and saves lives.

Medical Recruitment and Retention
Superb medical outcomes result from years of preparation, training, and execution; we need to sustain this medical quality through continued focus on quality people.

Advancing Medical Research
For the people we serve, and for people around the globe.

Improving Infrastructure
Our aging hospitals and clinics and building the healing environment of the future.

Communicating with Greater Transparency
Freely, transparently with the people in the system, the people served by the system and the public.

This year, we will also be introducing new performance measures that begin to dig more deeply into the value we provide in terms of medical outcomes and contributions to medical science. This institution – the Military Health System – serves a vital role for this country. The MHS has produced leaders who have served throughout American medicine, and has introduced breakthroughs that have changed the way healthcare is delivered. We will sustain this legacy of excellence.