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Information for Providers

Being a TRICARE provider means that you are treating America's heroes—the people making sacrifices to keep America strong and safe. TRICARE uses military hospitals and clinics (also known as direct care) as the main health care delivery system and augments direct care with a network of civilian providers and facilities to provide timely access and high quality service while maintaining the capability to support military operations.

Each TRICARE region has it’s own managed care support contractor (MCSC) who is responsible for administering the TRICARE program in each region. The MCSCs establish the provider networks and conduct provider education.

If you're already a TRICARE-authorized provider or interested in becoming a TRICARE-authorized network or non-network provider, please call your MCSC or visit the website (listed below). Online, you can download provider eductional materials and register for secure services.


On behalf of the Department of Defense, the men and women of our Armed Forces and their families, as well as our retired families, we want thank you for your desire to become a TRICARE provider. Becoming a TRICARE provider brings with it a higher volume of patients as network providers are placed on the worldwide referral list for all TRICARE beneficiaries.

Last Updated 8/21/2014