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Program Budget & Analysis Office

Program Budget & Analysis (PB&A) is responsible for programming, budgeting, managing the execution of funds and performing financial analysis for private sector care programs, TMA Operations, TMA central programs and TMA IM/IT programs. This includes preparation of inputs to the Defense Health Program (DHP) Program Objective Memorandum (POM), the Budget Estimate Submission (BES) and the DHP President's Budget (PB). PB& A manages the execution of the funds allocated to the DHP through execution reviews, distribution of funding authorization documents and financial analysis focused upon achieving efficient application of all resources under the TMA Chief Operating Officer's (COO) purview.

The primary functions of the PB&A office include:

  • Management, coordination and oversight of all DHP resources distributed to the TMA COO for execution
  • Principal contact for programming and budgeting matters related to private sector care, central IM/IT programs, other TMA central programs and TMA operations
  • Coordinate  financial requirements with the military services and the TMA Chief Financial Officer (Program Budget & Execution Division) and respond to numerous budget execution inquiries (e.g., contingency operations, foreign currency fluctuations, inflation, supplementals or reprogrammings and limit code issues)
  • Monitor and conduct military health resource evaluation activities, perform financial analyses of those aspects of the DHP under the TMA COO's purview and recommend policy/program changes to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of DoD health care programs
  • Coordinate and develop financial directives, guidelines and instructions
  • Provide leadership, interpretation, guidance and directions on health financing matters, programs and strategy and perform programmatic special studies and analyses
  • Develop financial performance measures for those portions of the DHP under the TMA COO's purview, ensure consistency and accuracy with the HA/TMA Strategic Plan/Balanced Scorecard and integrate financial performance measures into the budgeting formulation and allocation process
  • Support TMA and HA leadership in preparation for Congressional testimony, hearings and other legislative initiatives by reviewing testimony and preparing fact sheets and other preparatory materials
  • Serve as the proponent for DHP central information management/information technology resource requirements

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