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Contract Management

Contract Resource Management (CRM) is responsible for paying the contractors that are delivering healthcare and providing beneficiary services under the TRICARE program. CRM is also responsible for budget formulation input, budget execution, accounting, financial support and financial reporting for TRICARE centrally funded private sector care programs. CRM also maintains financial records and provides accounting services for OCFO’s Private Sector care program.

Primary functions of the CRM office include:

  • Certify funding availability and perform financial tracking for contract payments under the TRICARE centrally funded private sector care programs
  • Monitor budget execution through analysis of current year and prior years spending and program developments
  • Draw funds from the Medicare Eligible Retiree Health Care Fund to pay TRICARE Dual Eligible Fiscal Intermediary Claims and TRICARE pharmacy costs associated with Medicare eligible beneficiaries
  • Manage the recording and reporting of financial transactions, including those involving contract modifications for private sector health care
  • Manage and perform reimbursable financial transactions involving non-DoD services, National Guard, Reserve Forces and other agencies for private sector health care
  • Coordinate and assist other CRM divisions in budget formulation for centrally funded private sector care programs
  • Manage funds collected on fraud and other cases related to private sector health care
  • Establish and maintain computer programs related to finance, accounting and budget transactions for private sector health care as well as links to the U.S. Treasury financial systems for TMA

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