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NPI (National Provider Identifier)


National Provider Identifier

The NPI is an identifier used by covered entities to identify health care providers, eliminating the need for multiple identifiers for the same provider. The NPI replaces all “legacy” identifiers, such as Medicaid provider IDs, individual plan provider IDs, UPINs, etc., and is required for use on health care claims and other HIPAA transactions.

We encourage health care providers who have not yet obtained NPIs to do so immediately and to use their NPIs in HIPAA transactions. Applying for an NPI is fast, easy, and free. Visit the National Plan/Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) Web site at https://nppes.cms.hhs.gov/.

Further information concerning this issue is available on the CMS Web-site at http://www.cms.gov. The site also contains contingency plan guidance for the industry in a document titled “Guidance on Compliance with the HIPAA National Provider Identifier Rule.”

Guidance on Compliance with HIPAA NPI Rule pdf 15.6 KB

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