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MHS Rates : Inpatient

Direct Care Inpatient Billing Rates

The Department of Defense inpatient reimbursement rates posted below are approved and available on the DoD Comptroller Web site. These reimbursement rates are used when billing for inpatient medical services provided to inpatients at Military Treatment Facilities.

Long Stay Threshold

The Long Stay Threshold (LST) for DoD Inpatient Health Care is a national number used to determine if a patient has exceeded the length of stay (LOS) threshold for the Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) assigned to his or her inpatient stay. When the LOS exceeds the LST, there will be an additional charge included in the bill.

The calculation is descibed below:

Per Diem Weight = DRG Relative Weighted Product (RWP) / Geometric Mean LOS.

The charge for each day in excess of the LST = Per Diem Weight x .33 x MTF Adjusted Standardized Amount (ASA).

The total billed amount = (DRG RWP x MTF ASA) + (Per Diem Weight x .33 x # days in excess of LST x MTF ASA). Below are tables that provide DRG weights and length of stay information.

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