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Web-Based Training

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Upcoming Webinar

In coordination with the DHA UBO Program Office, the UBO Learning Center will present the following May Webinar at http://altarum.adobeconnect.com/ubo/.

Enter as "Guest" with your name and Service affiliation.

Title: Bringing it All Together: Compliance and the Revenue Cycle

Note: This FY15 Webinar is approved for one in-service (1.0) Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credit.
See the How to Get CEU Credit section below for details.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015 from 0800-900 EST
Thursday, May 21, 2015 from 1200-1300 EST

SUMMARY: Participate in a live Webinar with the opportunity for questions and answers during the broadcast! This webinar focuses on UBO compliance requirements within the MHS Revenue Cycle. It provides attendees with the necessary tools to maximize collection activities, while operating at optimal compliance levels.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: UBO billing staff supporting any of the three Military Health System cost recovery programs and other interested parties.

To participate in the Webinar, follow the audio and video instructions in the Webinar Instructions section.

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Future Webinars

Note: Schedule is subject to change. Webinars marked with [CEU] are approved for one (1.0) Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credit. See How to Get CEU Credit section below for instructions.

FY 2015

  • [CEU] May 2015 Bringing it All Together- Compliance and the Revenue Cycle
  • [CEU] June 2015 CY2015 Outpatient Rates Update
  • [CEU] June 2015 CY2015 Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery Estimator Updates (v.11)
  • [CEU] July 2015 FY2015 Pharmacy Rates Updates
  • [CEU] August 2015 ICD-10 and the Revenue Cycle
  • [CEU] September 2015 ICD-10 Updates

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Recent Webinars

Webcast Technical Requirements
You will need an up-to-date version of Adobe Flash Player. To download the latest version for free, visit the Adobe Flash Player Download Center at: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

If you have any questions regarding the webcasts, please contact us at UBO.LearningCenter@altarum.org.


  • [CEU] SIT/OHI: Standard Insurance Tables/Other Health Insurance
    This webinar will review the Standard Insurance Table (SIT) and Other Health Insurance (OHI). The presentation will cover accessing the SIT, entering OHI data, and recognizing issues and updates for third-party insurance plans. Webcast: http://altarum.adobeconnect.com/p4u3jp647ql/
    Presentation: SIT_OHI_Webinar ppt 1538.0 KB
    Posttest questions: SIT/OHI Posttest docx 812.9 KB
    Webinar Q and A: SIT/OHI Q&A docx 19.3 KB

    Webinar Online Survey

  • [CEU] Medicare Claims
    This Webinar will provide the options for MTFs to recover costs for services provided to Medicare eligible patients.
    Webcast: http://altarum.adobeconnect.com/p5jz2yxh6mn/
    Presentation: Medicare Claims pptx 1427.2 KB
    Posttest questions: Medicare Claims Post-Test doc 751.5 KB
    Webinar Q and A: Medicare Claims Q&A docx 32.1 KB

    Webinar Online Survey

  • [CEU] 2015 CPT®/HCPCS Updates
    This Webinar will provide an update to the 2015 CPT® and HCPCS codes including an outline of all new, revised and deleted codes that impact MHS coding and billing.
    Webcast: http://altarum.adobeconnect.com/P4gzd1wqv1o/
    Presentation: 2015 CPT/HCPCS Code Update pptx 1145.9 KB
    Posttest questions: 2015 CPT_HCPCS Update Post Test docx 725.6 KB
    Webinar Q and A: CPT® and HCPCS codes Q&A docx 31.9 KB
    Quick Reference Guides:
  • CPT®/HCPCS Changes: CY2015 CPT_HCPCS Additions and Deletions xlsx 57.0 KB
  • Crosswalk of Deleted Codes 2015: Crosswalk xls 37.0 KB

  • Webinar Online Survey

  • [CEU] Expanding Billing Opportunities and Finer Points
    This webinar explores where to find encounter data in the MHS repositories to ensure they are being billed and explains special cases.
    Webcast: http://altarum.adobeconnect.com/p7sfs8224tk/
    Presentation: Expanding Billing and Finer Points pptx 1940.1 KB
    Posttest questions: Expanding Billing and Finer Points_posttest doc 748.5 KB
    Webinar Q and A: Expanding Billing and Finer Points_Q&A doc 48.5 KB

    Webinar Online Survey

  • [CEU] Third Party Collection Program (TPCP) Payments and Refunds
    This webinar explores the TPCP payments and refunds process within the Military Health System. It focuses on specific methodologies to enhance MTF third party collection activities such as TPCP payment processing, explanation of benefit (EOB) review, insurance payer refund processing, and patient refund processing.
    Webcast: http://altarum.adobeconnect.com/p33ct0tqmqj/
    Presentation: Third Party Collections Program Payments and Refunds pptx 1536.4 KB
    Posttest questions: TPCP Payments and Refunds Posttest doc 753.5 KB
    Webinar Q and A: Third Party Collections Program Payments and Refund - Q and A doc 49.0 KB

    Webinar Online Survey

  • [CEU] Denial Management and How To Interpret An Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
    This webinar provides guidance on: how to address various insurance payer denials, including those based on inadequate medical necessity, and to overturn them where possible. Attendees will learn how to interpret EOBs and payer denial codes; communicate effectively with payers; and use tools for measuring successful reimbursement.
    Webcast: http://altarum.adobeconnect.com/p2hqdl20j3t/
    Denial Management and How To Interpret An Explanation of Benefits pptx 1040.4 KB
    Posttest questions: Denial Management and How To Interpret An Explanation of Benefits Posttest docx 724.7 KB
    Webinar Q and A: How Revenue Codes and POA Affect Billing - Q and A doc 42.5 KB

    Webinar Online Survey

    FY 2014


  • How to Pull DD 2570 Data and Combine for Accuracy and What it Means
    This Webinar reviews and explains the DD 2570 report and why identifying and correcting errors is important. It also explain why combining data correctly to post on the UBO Metrics Report Web site is necessary to allow UBOs to benchmark and trend their inpatient and outpatient Third Party Collections.
    Webcast: http://altarum.adobeconnect.com/p6awjnh6oqe/
    Presentation: Dec 2012_How To Pull DD 2570 Data pptx 1323.4 KB
    Posttest questions: How to Pull DD2570 Posttest doc 316.5 KB
    Webinar Q and A: Coming soon.

    Webinar Online Survey

  • Denial Management - Tools, Tips, and Solutions
    This Webinar provides guidance on how to successfully overcome any payer's insurance denials including reviewing billing errors, payer requirements, and system limitations.
    Webcast: http://altarum.adobeconnect.com/p66nemjviyc/
    Presentation: 2012_11_Denial_Mgmt_Tools_Tips_and Solutions pptx 573.8 KB
    Posttest questions: Denials Management Posttest doc 156.5 KB
    Webinar Q and A: Coming soon.

    Webinar Online Survey

  • FY13 VA-DoD Inpatient Billing Update
    Overview of, including the authority for, billing the Veterans Administration (VA) for inpatient institutional and professional charges. It will explain the new TMA UBO Inpatient Billing Guide and the development of and updates to the FY13 VA-DoD Resource Sharing Inpatient Institutional Billing Modified TRICARE MS-DRG Payment Calculator.
    Webcast: http://altarum.adobeconnect.com/p53notqcvkz/
    Presentation: VA-DoD Inpatient Billing Update
    Posttest questions: DoD-VA Sharing Posttest doc 142.5 KB
    Webinar Q and A: 2012_10_DoD-VA_Billing_Webinar_QandA docx 53.7 KB

    Webinar Online Survey

  • ICD-10 MHS Billing Impacts Update
    Overview of changes to occur under ICD-10 for the Military Health System (MHS) for both billing and coding.
    Webcast: http://altarum.adobeconnect.com/p6fv5y1euxh/
    Presentation: 2012 Sept_ICD-10_Webinar ppt 486.5 KB

    Webinar Online Survey

  • Connecting the Dots ... Federal Tax ID to NPI Type 2 and Pharmacy NCPDP
    Learn why the Organizational Provider NPI Type 2 and Pharmacy NCPDP identifiers are linked to the MTF Federal Tax ID, Legal Business Name and address. It also explains how to update the information on file with the IRS, NPPES and NCPDP.
    Webcast: http://altarum.adobeconnect.com/p1edk1ee88x/
    Presentation: (Includes updates) Connecting_the_Dots_v2 pptx 1083.1 KB

    Webinar Online Survey

  • FY2012 Pharmacy Rates Update
    Overview of the FY2012 TRICARE Management Activity Uniform Business Office (TMA UBO) Pharmacy Rates scheduled to be effective 6 August 2012, including how they are developed. The presenter also demonstrates the updated TMA UBO Pharmacy Pricing Estimator Tool (PPET).
    Webcast with posttest:
    Presentation: 2012_07_FY2012 Pharmacy Rates Update pptx 230.4 KB

    Webinar Online Survey

  • CY2012 Cosmetic Surgery Rates and Estimator (CSE) V.8 Update
    This Webinar provides an overview, including development and updates, of the Calendar Year 2012 Cosmetic Surgery Rates effective 1 July 2012. The presenter also demonstrates the updated Cosmetic Surgery Estimator (CSE) v8.0.
    Webcast with posttest: http://altarum.adobeconnect.com/p7s2mdfqthu
    Presentation:CY2012_Cosmetic_Surgery_Rates_and_CSE_v8_Update pptx 1356.5 KB

    Webinar Online Survey

  • CY2012 Outpatient Rates Update
    This Webinar provides an overview of the Calendar Year 2012 Outpatient Reimbursement Rates including the: CMAC/CMAC Component Rates, other Outpatient rates, MEPRS-Based Rates, and Mapping Table Updates.
    Webcast with posttest: http://altarum.adobeconnect.com/p92v255ku65
    Presentation: CY2012 Outpatient Rates Update pptx 232.0 KB

    Webinar Online Survey

  • How to Manage Medical Services Account (MSA)
    This presentation gives tips for managing the MSA Program in the Military Health System (MHS).
    Webcast with posttest: http://altarum.adobeconnect.com/p1v1ad7ah3j
    Presentation: How to Manage MSA pptx 198.2 KB
    Webinar Q and A: 2012_05_How to Manage MSA Webinar QandA docx 39.3 KB

    Webinar Online Survey

  • MSA Daily Duties and How to Run Reports / Notify Roster
    This Webinar details MSA daily duties, what reports are created and run, and their importance to generating correct bills.
    Webcast with posttest: http://altarum.adobeconnect.com/p50grv8qywb
    Presentation: 2012_April MSA Daily Duties pptx 339.1 KB
    Supplement: CHCS Nightly Run Reports List pdf 82 KB
    Webinar Q and A: Webinar QandA How to Manage MSA docx 39.0 KB

    Webinar Online Survey

  • How to Assign and Use PATCATs
    This Webinar discusses how PATCATs are assigned for a patient’s episode of care and the importance of doing so correctly for billing purposes. Although billing personnel do not have control over assigning PATCATs, understanding how this is done in the Composite Health Care System (CHCS) and establishing a relationship with Patient Administration (PAD) personnel will help reduce billing errors and denials.
    Webcast: http://altarum.adobeconnect.com/p7b229iw99j
    Presentation: 2012_Mar_How_to_Assign_and_Use_PATCATs pptx 153.6 KB.
    Webinar Q and A: 2012_03 Webinar Q and A - How to Assign PATCATS docx 47.3 KB

    Webinar Online Survey

    In this Webinar you will learn basics for the Standard Insurance Table (SIT) and Other Health Insurance (OHI). The presentation will cover accessing the table, entering data, recognizing issues and updates for third-party insurance plans.
    Webcast with posttest:
    Presentation: 2012_02 SIT_OHI ppt 873.5 KB

    Webinar Online Survey

  • 2012 CPT® and HCPCS Codes Update
    This Webinar outlines all of the new, revised and deleted codes that impact MHS coding/billing
    Webcast with post-test: http://altarum.adobeconnect.com/p87o1k365pa/'
    Presentation: 2012 CPT and HCPCS Codes Update ppt 2295.0 KB

    Webinar Online Survey

  • Older Webinars and Teleconferences can be found
    on the Archives page.

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    How to Get CEU Credit

    The Program Office is pleased to announce that the FY 2015 Webinars have received approval from the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) for one (1.0) CEU credit each. The AAPC has authorized DHA UBO to offer in-service CEUs for attendees from across the MHS free of charge. As the DHA UBO does not charge for this service, members of the public are not eligible to claim these CEUs. CEU-eligible Webinars are indicated above by [CEU].
    CEU credit for FY 2015 Webinars must be claimed by 31 October 2015.

    Credit for Live Broadcast Webinars

    To receive CEU credit, participants must attend the entire webinar and then complete the brief anonymous survey (the URL is posted on the webinar screen at the conclusion of the training). When prompted on the survey, indicate that you would like to receive AAPC CEU credit for attending the webinar and enter your .mil email address. Note that you no longer need to submit your email address via Adobe Connect during the broadcast. Shortly following each live broadcast, and after attendance records have been verified, the DHA UBO Program Office will e-mail Certificates of Approval with Index Numbers. This process may take up to five business days.

    Credit for Archived Webinars

    Archived "Recent" Webinars marked with [CEU] on the schedule are also eligible for CEU credit.

    In addition to viewing the recording, participants must score 70% or better on a downloadable post-test included in the archive. The post-test will be posted on the DHA UBO Learning Center within the archived Webinar shortly after both of the live broadcasts have been completed.

    If you have any questions contact us at UBO.LearningCenter@altarum.org.

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    Webinar Instructions


    Adobe® Flash® Player: If you do not have an up-to-date version of Adobe® Flash® Player, contact your system administrator to request authorization to download it. Test your system prior to the meeting by going to: http://altarum.adobeconnect.com/common/help/en/support/meeting_test.htm.
    NOTE: You do not need to install the Adobe Connect Add-in (step 4 of the test).

    Sound-enabled Device: To hear the audio, you need a sound card and speakers on your computer. Be sure audio is not set to “Mute.” If you are listening alone, you may plug earphones into your computer so the sound does not disturb others.

    Joining the Webinar:

    • Approximately 10 minutes prior to the meeting, go to: http://altarum.adobeconnect.com/ubo/ (If the link does not work, copy and paste the URL into your browser's address bar. The site activates about 10 minutes prior to the scheduled Webinar.)
    • Select "Enter as a Guest."
    • In the “Name” box, enter your full name and Service affiliation (e.g., Chris Jones - Army). (Information provided for entry to the meeting will serve as attendance and is required for the Services to receive credit. Include your e-mail address if you wish to receive CEU credit for the live broadcast.)
    • Click "Enter Room."

    If you have technical difficulties joining the Webinar, contact the Webinar Support Team at webmeeting@altarum.org. A Q&A box is available during the Webinar so you can submit questions and request technical assistance.

    How to Participate Using Your Web-Enabled Mobile Devices:

    Attend our online meetings using your tablet or smart phone. Download the FREE Adobe Connect Mobile application, optimized for tablet users, and enjoy immediate access to online meetings anytime, anywhere. Watch all the activities happening in the meeting at once, see slides, and participate in public comment.

    Note: The DHA UBO Program Office is not responsible for and does not reimburse any airtime, data, roaming or other charges for mobile, wireless and any other internet connections and use.


    1. Visit the Adobe Connect Mobile page to download the appropriate app for your device: http://www.adobe.com/products/adobeconnect/feature-details/adobe-connectmobile.html
    2. Enter Meeting URL: http://altarum.adobeconnect.com/ubo
    3. Select "Enter as a Guest."
    4. In the “Name” box, enter your name and Service affiliation (e.g., Chris Jones - Army). (Information provided for entry to the meeting will serve as attendance and is required for the Services to receive credit.)
    5. Click "Enter Room."
    Note: Adobe® Connect Mobile App should be used when participating in live broadcasts; and a web browser should be used when viewing archived webinars.

    Presentation slides will be available for viewing and download prior to the Webinar on the DHA UBO Web site: http://www.tricare.mil/ocfo/mcfs/ubo/learning_center/training.cfm.

    For technical questions, contact Technical Support at 202-828-5100, or via e-mail at webmeeting@altarum.org. Other questions regarding this Webinar should be directed to the UBO Help Desk at (571)733-5935 or UBO.LearningCenter@altarum.org.

    Contact us:

    If you have any technical questions concerning any webinars, please e-mail webmeeting@altarum.org or call 202-828-5100.

    For any other questions, please e-mail UBO.LearningCenter@altarum.org, or leave a message for the Helpdesk staff at (571) 733-5935. Phone messages will be returned within one business day.

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    Online Survey

    We invite you to complete a brief anonymous survey for each live and archived Webinar viewed.

    Webinar Online Survey (for webinars conducted January 2015 going forward)
    Webinar Online Survey (for webinars conducted September 2011-December 2014)

    Viewing or printing the PDF documents found on this site requires the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you may download here. Get Adobe Reader