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NEW! Summer 2014 UBO Newsletter:
The Summer 2014 UBO Newsletter is now available. (posted 9-16-14)

NEW! 2014 PATCAT Table Update:
The 2014 version of the PATCAT table has been approved and is available for use, effective 11 August 2014. (posted 9-11-14)

NEW! DHA UBO User Guide Updates:
The UBO User Guide has been updated and may be downloaded from the Policy/Guidance page at UBO User Guide. View the Document Change History for sections that were revised, added and deleted. (posted 9-11-2014)

FY14 Pharmacy Rates Update:
The Pharmacy rates page has been updated with new rates, effective 18 August 2014. (posted 8-11-14)

CY14 Outpatient Rates:
The CY14 Outpatient Rates have been approved and posted on the MHS rates page and are effective for dates of service on or after 1 July 2014. (posted 7-14-2014)

CY14 Cosmetic Surgery Estimator (CSE):
The CY14 Cosmetic Surgery Estimator has been released and is effective 1 July 2014. Login credentials are available to MSA staff only and are provided by the UBO Service Program Managers. See the Cosmetic Surgery page for supplemental materials.

FY14 Inpatient Rates for MAC Billing:
The FY14 Inpatient Rates have been approved and published by the Office of Management and Budget for MAC billing. They are available on the MHS rates page and are effective for dates of service on or after 12 June 2014. (posted 6-12-2014)


September Webinar:
UBO Compliance Program Requirements

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23 September 2014 0800 - 0900
25 September 2014 1400 - 1500

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This section is updated with questions we get from you. Send questions or suggestions to UBO.Helpdesk@altarum.org, with the subject, "FAQs."

Q: How do you bill for elective cosmetic procedures combined with a medically necessary procedure?

A: Elective cosmetic procedures are billed using the Cosmetic Surgery Estimator (CSE). If a patient receives both a medically necessary procedure and an elective cosmetic procedure during the same surgical encounter, a discount is applied. The current discount is 50% of the facility fee and 50% of the anesthesia fee for the primary elective procedure. If additional elective procedures are performed, the additional procedures would not receive this discount.

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