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The Third Party Outpatient Collection System (TPOCS)

TPOCS is the DoD standard system designed to assist MTFs in the collection, tracking, and reporting of data required in the Third Party Collection Program outpatient billing process. TPOCS provides an effective mechanism to MTFs for identifying, recording, billing and collecting reasonable costs for outpatient care. This project is directly related to the improvement of technologies, which will enhance patient care in outpatient arenas. 

TPOCS supports processing of standard claims CMS 1500 and UB-04, which are populated using an electronic interface from on-site systems including the Composite Health Care System (CHCS) and the Ambulatory Data Module (ADM). TPOCS also supports the following processes:

Pharmacy Claims
High Cost Ancillary Services Claims
Supplemental Billing
Secondary Transaction Codes
Audit Trail (for fraud prevention)
Batch Processing

TPOCS User Support

Note: Third Party Outpatient Collection System (TPOCS): The TPOCS Web site is no longer active. Rather, users are invited to sign up for e-mail alerts from DHSS that include TPOCS updates.

You can now reach TPOCS information at:
www.health.mil/MHSCI O/programs_products/DHSS.a spx

Mark this site in your browser, as the UBO Helpdesk and the MHS Helpdesk cannot give users access to TPOCS or CCE. Users must contact the Defense Health Services Systems Web site and request a username and password for these systems through the DHSS helpdesk.

The TPOCS Project Team would like you to subscribe to the DHSS Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool. Once you subscribe, you will receive tailored e-mails from the TPOCS Project Office regarding project news, events, and system outages.

This is a completely optional service, it is free to use, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

If you choose to subscribe, please follow the simple instructions below:

  1. Click the link below:
  2. Enter your e-mail .mil address in the box titled, “E-mail Address” and click “Go.” (Please note, only .mil e-mail addresses will be accepted for system outage notifications. Any non .mil e-mail address submitted will be rejected, and you will not receive any system outage notification communication.)
  3. Confirm your “Primary E-mail Address,” select your “Delivery Preference,” if you choose, enter an “Optional Password,” and click “Save.”
  4. Complete your “Subscriber Preferences,” check any or all boxes to denote your interest and subscription to item(s), and click “Save.”

Once you have subscribed, you will begin receiving messages based on the preferences you selected.

Using TPOCS to Support MAC Billing

This document explains the process for setting-up TPOCS to support Medical Affirmative Claims (MAC) Billing. TPOCS can be customized to support MAC billing for site and payer specific data. Every field is customized to support MAC billing only on the billing forms. MAC is a totally manual process.
TPOCS Set-Up doc 46.0 KB

Pharmacy Billing

Since the change to itemized billing, the Universal Claim Form (UCF) has been used to bill for outpatient pharmacy scripts that are filled in MTF pharmacies.
Sample UCF, PDF 98kb

TPOCS prints all pharmacy claims on the UCF by default. However, MTFs can change the default to the UB-92, based on the payer. The UCF is currently a paper-based form that is formatted to print on "Tractor Feed" printers like the UB-92 and the CMS-1500 (formerly HCFA-1500).  Blank UCF's are available through Moore North America, Inc.  The National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) owns the copyright to the form and Moore North America is the only licensed vendor of the UCF. Each MTF will be responsible for purchasing Universal Claim Forms for their facility.

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