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MHS Submission Forms

MHS Submission Forms are the vehicle for submitting recommendations to change (add, modify, or remove) a capability, process, or system. The forms may be prepared by any stakeholder, but the forms should be reviewed by the functional proponent prior to submission to MHS Information Management (IM), who manages the submission process. Submission forms are not “trouble tickets” that identify errors or issues with existing systems (“trouble tickets” should be submitted to the respective system administrator or helpdesk, such as the Defense Health Clinical Systems Division (e.g., for AHLTA, CHCS, HAIMS) and the Defense Health Services Systems Program Executive Office (e.g., for CCE, TPOCS)). More information on the submission process and the MHS Submission Form is available on the MHS IM Requirements Submission webpage).

The Services, NCR MD, and MTFs should submit MHS Submission Forms in accordance with Service or NCR MD specific guidance. MTF personnel should submit proposed UBO-related system/solution changes to their Service or NCR MD Program Managers. The UBO Advisory Working Group (AWG) reviews recommended submission forms and, if approved, submits them to MHS IM for consideration.

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