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Below are the CHCS Release Notes for the calendar year (CY) 2011 Outpatient Itemized Billing (OIB) Rates. This update was released on 20 May 2011 for an installation date of no later than 30 June 2011 in order to meet the new effective date of 01 July 2011.
2011 OIB Release Notes doc 36.0 KB (posted 6-15-11)


Below are the CHCS Release Notes for the calendar year (CY) 2010 Outpatient Itemized Billing Rates.
2010 OIB Release Notes doc 34.0 KB (posted 6-15-11)


Below are the CHCS Release Notes for the calendar year (CY) 2009 Outpatient Itemized Billing Rates.
2009 OIB Release Notes doc 33.0 KB

CHCS-SS_ICD_FY2009_4630 - 1.0 software package contains the ICD-9 table updates for Fiscal Year 2009. The effective date for the 2009 codes is 1 October 2008. There are 427 diagnosis codes and 60 procedure codes that are being added with this update. There are 46 diagnosis codes and 4 procedure codes being deactivated. DHIMS recommends that sites coordinate the installation of the CHCS package with the installation of corresponding ICD-9 CM updates for CCE and AHLTA.

Information Concerning 2009 ICD-9 CM Codes doc 648.0 KB


CHCS-SS_CPT_FY2008_4630-1.0 was made available to all sites on 4 March 2008. The effective date for the new codes and inactivated codes is 1 January 2008. The latest version of the CHCS-SS_34890_4630 must be installed prior to or concurrent with the installation of the CHCS CPT FY 2008 v1.0 update. In addition, it is strongly recommended that sites install AHLTA 3.3.u2 prior to installing the CHCS CPT FY2008 v1.0 update. There is no suspense date for installing the special software package because the installation should be tied to AHLTA. This is an "anytime" install so users may be on the system. There are 448 new codes, 247 inactivated codes, and 5 reactivated codes. If necessary, refer to the 2008 Master List of added, modified, and inactivated CPT codes to identify the specific codes affected.

Information Concerning 2008 CPT Codes doc 43.0 KB

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