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Notice: Third Party Outpatient Collection System (TPOCS): The TPOCS Web site is no longer active. Rather, users are invited to sign up for e-mail alerts from DHSS that include TPOCS updates.

You can now reach TPOCS information at:

Mark this site in your browser, as the UBO Helpdesk and the MHS Helpdesk cannot give users access to TPOCS or CCE. Users must contact the Defense Health Services Systems Web site and request a username and password for these systems through the DHSS helpdesk.

The TPOCS Project Team invite you to subscribe to the DHSS Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool. Once you subscribe, you will receive tailored e-mails from the TPOCS Project Office regarding project news, events, and system outages (if applicable).

This is a completely optional service, it is free to use, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

If you choose to subscribe, please follow the simple subscription instructions below:

  1. Click on the link below:
  2. Enter your e-mail .mil address in the box titled, “E-mail Address” and click “Go.” (Please note, only .mil e-mail addresses will be accepted for system outage notifications. Any non .mil e-mail address submitted will be rejected and you will not receive any system outage notification communication.)
  3. Confirm your “Primary E-mail Address,” select your “Delivery Preference,” if you choose, enter an “Optional Password,” and click “Save.”
  4. Complete your “Subscriber Preferences,” check any or all boxes to denote your interest and subscription to item(s), and click “Save.”

Once you have subscribed, you will begin receiving messages based on the preferences you selected.

For further TPOCS assistance, contact the TPOCS Helpdesk at: 866-774-8762.

Contact us:

For questions or comments, please e-mail UBO.Helpdesk@altarum.org, or leave a message for the Helpdesk staff at 202-776-1532. Phone messages will be returned within one business day.

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