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About the UBO : Fact Sheet

As the health care cost recovery function of the MHS, UBO offices collect around $450M annually through Third Party Collections, Medical Services Account, and Medical Affirmative Claims Programs at military hospitals and clinics throughout the world.

As of October 2013, the Military Health System (MHS) provides health care and support to 5.22 million TRICARE Prime beneficiaries, which includes:

  • 1.45 million Active Duty Service Members
  • 1.72 million Active Duty Family Members
  • 191,000 Activated Guard/Reserve Members
  • 186,000 Activated Guard/Reserve Family Members
  • 610,000 Retired Service Members
  • 996,000 Retired Family Members
  • 46,000 Survivors

For the complete TRICARE health plan beneficiary chart, view TRICARE Number of Beneficiaries

Worldwide, MHS facilities include:

  • 56 military hospitals
  • 361 medical clinics
  • 249 dental clinics
For the TRICARE healthcare facility list, view TRICARE Facilities

Calendar Year 2012

For the TRICARE A Week in the Life, view A Week in the Life

20,100 Inpatient Admissions

  • 4,900 Direct Care
  • 15,200 Purchased Care
1.9 Million Outpatient Visits
  • 817,000 Direct Care
  • 1,054,000 Purchased Care
2,372 Births
  • 969 Direct Care
  • 1,403 Purchased Care
2.6 Million Prescriptions Filled
  • 929,000 Direct Care
  • 1.31 Million Retail
  • 325,000 Home Delivery

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