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About the UBO : UBO Advisory Working Group

About the AWG

The UBO Advisory Working Group (UBO AWG) reports to the Defense Health Agency (DHA) Resource Management Steering Committee (RMSC). The UBO AWG serves as the advisory body for developing and recommending the strategic direction to the RMSC for the Medical Service Accounts (MSA), Third Party Collections Program (TPCP), and Medical Affirmative Claims (MAC) programs, and programs for the Army, Navy, and Air Force fixed Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) funded by the Defense Health Program (DHP). Additionally, the UBO AWG reviews and recommends effective processes to identify, review, validate, and prioritize functional changes and business process improvements in support of MTF revenue cycle management activities.

UBO Service Managers execute DHA UBO policies, develop and execute Service-specific guidelines on UBO program implementation, and provide oversight within their Service for all UBO operations. Further, they provide clarification and guidance, management oversight, and supervisory claims settlement authority for the program. They coordinate the development of standardized training for regional and local TPC personnel. In addition, each Service provides a representative to the UBO Advisory Working Group and to the TPOCS CCB.

MTFs are responsible for executing policies, training personnel, developing a facility marketing plan, operating within compliance guidelines, implementing best practice solutions, and establishing internal controls. MTFs have the flexibility to determine how they will implement policy. Each MTF should develop a specific plan of operations for UBO. They must work closely with their legal representatives to resolve MAC/TPC/MSA payer issues and outstanding claims. Whether contracted out or maintained as an in-house operation, the MTF is still responsible for ensuring that UBO operations occur in accordance with DoD, Service, and MTF policies.

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