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Managers Internal Control Program

TMA's oversight on management controls (both financial and operation) are obtained via two workgroups: TRICARE Management Activity Managers' Internal Control (MIC) Program Workgroup and the Defense Health Program (DHP) Enterprise Workgroup.

The TMA MIC Program Workgroup was established following the formal establishment of the TMA Management Control and Financial Studies (MC&FS) Directorate in March 2001. The Workgroup is composed of representatives from each TMA Directorate. This workgroup serves as a forum to facilitate the continuous development, refinement, and implementation of the TMA Management control program. It monitors the development of assessable units within the TMA directorates and procedures for the management controls program for the TMA and discusses potential vulnerabilities identified from various sources. The TMA MCP Workgroup reports to the TMA Chief Financial Officer. Specific functions of the workgroup include:

  • Reviewing Directorate assessable unit (AU) selections
  • Reviewing Directorate plans for risk assessments and development of evaluations of AUs for the annual statement of assurance
  • Reviewing and discussing GAO/DoD IG/DCAA audit/review findings, recent ASD(HA)/TMA policies/directives/instructions, and other pertinent information and determine their bearing on risk assessments and/or designation of AUs
  • Monitoring progress in accomplishing the fiscal year Management Control Plan
  • Developing annual Management Control Plan

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